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blue istanbul hotel

Galata Tower

This is a Genoese tower that was built in the 14th century and is reckoned to be one of the most significant landmarks of Istanbul.

Istanbul Archaeological Museum

It is the most impressive historical venue in Istanbul that brings together a unique collection of artifacts and sculptures from Turkey

blue istanbul hotel

Basilica Cistern

This is the largest underground cistern in Istanbul that is considered to be a marvel of Byzantine engineering

blue istanbul hotel

Grand Bazaar

This is the biggest covered market in the entire world, and you can see here people haggling to get the best deals.

blue istanbul hotel

Topkapi Palace

This glorious palace is one of the most popular attractions in Istanbul that served as the administrative quarter of the Ottoman rulers.

blue mosque

Blue Mosque

This is a historic mosque that features wonderfully curvaceous exteriors and six slender minarets. It has got its nickname from the Blue Iznik tiles

blue istanbul hotel


This is a huge miniature park that displays an enthralling collection of artwork and historic structures. It gives you a chance to have a mini-tour of Turkey

hagia sophia mosque

Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia is a domed monument that was built originally as a cathedral, but now it has been transformed into a mosque.

Bosphorus Cruise

A Bosphorus Cruise is an ideal way to unfold the ravishing scenery of Istanbul while sailing in the azure blue water of the sea.

Turkish Bath

Enjoy a Turkish Bath

Destress your body and mind by enjoying a Turkish bath at some of the best hamams in Istanbul. These hamams offer rejuvenating massages and unique bathing experiences.

blue istanbul hotel

Ortakoy Mosque

This mosque has become the symbol of Istanbul, and it is touted to be the most significant example of Ottoman architecture. It lies on the shore of Bosphorus

Maiden's Tower for Sunset

Maiden’s Tower for Sunset

Maiden’s Tower is a former Ottoman watchtower where you can sit down to have an enthralling view of the sunset. It has numerous restaurants and cafes where you can have a scrumptious meal while enjoying the sunset view from your cozy seats.

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