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This is the famous food street of Istanbul that is frequented by locals and tourists alike to have a scrumptious culinary experience. It has the most renowned seafood restaurants and cafes where you can have a flavorful binge.

It also has some cocktail bars where you can sample traditional Turkish drinks. Kumkapi also has some of the most thriving nightclubs where you can drink, dance, and have never ending fun.

northern shore of Marmara Sea, Istanbul

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Literally meaning “sand gate,” Kumkapi is located in Fatih district, near the Sea of Marmara. First founded as a fishing village known as Kontonskalion, its harbor was a common destination for sailors who would work on their boats during the day. Thus, up to recent times, it is known for its meyhanes and fish restaurants. Visited by locals and visitors alike, it is the ideal place to eat and drink in the traditional Turkish way. Join us as we explore one of the most exciting areas of Istanbul.



Fish Market

Walk under the railroad tracks to find Kumkapı Fish Market, where simpler but still pleasant restaurants offering excellent seafood dishes are located along the shore. It is the perfect place to gaze at the harbor, enjoy some breathtaking views of the sunset, and fall in love with this amazing country.



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